Aeropostale Review- Experience over 8 Years


Aeropostale! Seemed to be everyone’s favorite brand in middle school! Well at least during my days. Today I’m going to be sharing with you some of my memories with this brand.

The first time I went to Aeropostale was with my dad in 6th grade at the Hill Country Galleria in Austin, Texas. I was buying clothes for my gym class to keep in my gym locker and I bought 6 Aeropostale tops which all had the words Aeropostale written on them. Aerofelt like such a big thing back then so having the word Aeropostale written across my shirt was like a moment of pride.

What I liked about it?

Affordability! Probably one of the cheapest yet best quality items out there! The prices are pretty straight forward and you get a good deal for your buck.

Tops! I really like the tops that they sell in terms of comfort. I know most of their tops just have the word Aeropostale but they have some tops that are non-Aeropostale.

Clearance– Aero has a pretty good clearance section if you check them out in stores. Generally shopping is better in stores than online. I have only shopped online with them once during a Halloween sale. They do lots of markdowns on their clothes in stores so this is a really great chance to snag some clothes.

Live Love Dream- I really don’t get why Aero hasn’t focused on making this part of their brand popular! The Live Love Dream is basically Aeropostale’s athletic line for girls. It’s actually really good! I have leggings from here which I got and they’re absolutely amazing! These leggings really have that tight fit and are just really great quality.
Jackets- Jackets are simple, comfy and straightforward. If you’re looking for a jacket that you don’t want to spend a lot on then check them out.

How do Aeropostale sizes run?

Aeropostale is a bit on the smaller side. I usually like to go for a medium with them even though I’m an XS. Remember that they sell “girls” clothing not woman’s.

So that’s my review on Aeropostale! I was an avid fan back in middle school but my interest slowly died down as I got older. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in wearing Aero as an adult I definitely would still wear it! The main reason people stop wearing Aero as they grow older is sizing issues and not wanting the Aeropostale logo written over their clothes. I do know that there was a point in time where they closed many of their stores, but that turned around as I saw their stores being opened in India. But, the prices in their Indian store were way too expensive! That’s my thoughts let me know what you think in the comments!

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