How To Make Money Through YouTube Shorts? Know The Effective Tips

YouTube Shorts

Short-form video content is booming like never before. The platforms such as Instagram Reels, TikTok, as well as Vine are also getting vast audiences. It is due to the consumers that are loving the idea of short-form videos. Seeing the massive boom and love for short-form videos, Google has also stepped into the arena with YouTube Shorts.

According to the HubSpot Academy, bite-sized content is going to grab more user-granted content, educational videos, and much more. No wonder, consumers’ attention span is decreasing with passing time. Therefore, marketers, as well as businesses, need to focus on concise content anyhow.

Meaning of YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts got introduced in India for the first time by Google. According to Chris Jaffre, it is because of creatives that asked for ‘short and catchy videos’ by using their phones. YouTube Shorts are a great success in India. In 2021, YouTube even announced a beta launch for the United States.

Similar to Instagram Reels as well as TikTok, the YouTube Shorts will offer the viewers the simplest way to see one topic via animation, including music video parodies, brand content, and much more.

Amazing benefits of YouTube Shorts


There is no doubt about the fact that YouTube Shorts are new and somehow have fewer features as compared to other video platforms. But you can’t ignore its benefits. So, here are some of the benefits of YouTube Shorts:

  • No need for equipment – unlike other platforms, one doesn’t need heavy or technologically advanced equipment such as a laptop or desktop. One only needs to have a smartphone and that will be enough for them.
  • Amazing accessible content – with YouTube Shorts, you can create accessible content for the viewers which is easy to consume on the go.
  • Simple to use and convenient – it allows you to upload various videos in one go and you can even add captions.
  • Potential audience – the platform, YouTube has around 774.6 million users on iPhone as well as iPad.

Know the difference between YouTube Shorts, TikTok, as well as Instagram Reels



All three things can be quite confusing for many people. So, to avoid that, the difference can be explained into three sections which are mentioned below:

Length-the maximum length of YouTube Shorts is a minute. However, if you are using the YouTube app then the user only gets 15seconds. In the case of Instagram Reels, the person only gets one minute limit irrespective of uploaded video or recorded video. However, TikTok offers a three-minute long time limit.

Features – here are some of the features of all mentioned below:

YouTube Shorts – automatic captions

  • various segment camera
  • one can choose a specific part of the song
  • various features that can improve the video creation
  • has color correction options as well as fast uploading
  • amazing music tracks


  • a caption can be added in the video and photo
  • users can add music, stickers, location, caption, filters
  • offers features like timer, countdowns, as well as AR effects


  • video editor as well live video
  • sharing options on other platforms
  • discover trending content
  • can opt for pre-made videos or make new ones

Demographics– YouTube is great for the 15-25 years of old demographic but at the same time it is popular among 26-35 years old. Whereas, Instagram attracts people from 25-34years old and TikTok attracts people or users from 16 to 24years old.

Impressive strategies to create powerful YouTube Shorts


No wonder, YouTube Shorts is a new platform. It is only available in countries like India and the US with 15 billion everyday views. It is only going to grow in the coming years. So, to be on the top of the game, here are some of the effective YouTube Shorts strategies that you need to follow:

Videos with appropriate length – every consumer wants short videos because they don’t have much time to dedicate. So, it is essential to keep your videos with appropriate length, and do so you need to follow this:

  • Focus on the main point. Try breaking longer topics and create a series.
  • Tailor the clip to the correct ratio.
  • Focus on the impressive start so that viewers are hooked.
  • Avoid on-screen clutter.
  • Try creating thumbnails.

Focus on the tone of the video – the tone of the video should appeal to the audience. So, ensure that you have a clear idea about it. If not, then follow this:

  • Understand the targeted audience
  • What do you want to achieve with your audience?
  • The purpose of the content with your business. Hence, pay attention to SEO optimization, content promotion planning, and monitoring performance by using right tools.

Optimize the title – the way to optimize the title is:

  • research keywords
  • try using hashtags
  • keep within 50-70 characters
  • Join titles into captions

Create custom thumbnails – to create custom thumbnails, here is what you can do:

  • Choose the frame
  • anticipate the screengrab YouTube
  • Use editing tools
  • Download new thumbnail image in HD
  • Upload the thumbnail on YouTube

Repurpose the content – video content is becoming famous and you can create YouTube Shorts by repurposing it:

  • Add content on Instagram reels
  • go for infographic
  • Share on other platforms.

Add value – to add value to your content, plan as per your audience, and later:

  • share a takeaway
  • motivate them and inspire them
  • Share something about your business
  • offer them something new
  • create content that resonates with them

Create impressive content – offer content that your audience wants to see. To do so, try this:

  • speak to your audience
  • Plan content as per your targeted audience
  • Watch other Shorts and learn


Can Shorts be monetized?

Yes, YouTube is planning to reward all contributors for having a maximum number of views and engagement.

Which should one create, Shorts, TikToks, or Reels?

It depends upon the audience you need to target and the platform you are comfortable with. However, make sure to see the reach of the audience at your place. What people use more in your area to get more success and views.

YouTube videos or Shorts?

Well, one should try both to check the outcome. On the basis of the response, plan out your video-making strategy for both.

Is there an app for Shorts?

Yes, you can find a full-fledged application on the PlayStore and Ios to download and make Shorts easily from your smartphones.


The trend of bite-size content is not going anywhere. With consumer time span getting limited, bite-size content is going to get a massive response from the audience. YouTube Shorts are Google’s answer and you can create amazing content by following the above-mentioned strategies. This way not only to can build a strong audience but can take your business to great heights of success. So, understand YouTube Shorts and follow its strategies religiously to avoid any mistakes.

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