Ecommerce Marketing Strategies to Speed up Your ROI

Ecommerce Marketing

There is no wonder about the fact that online retail is highly competitive at this point. To meet the customer’s expectations can be a daunting task and is high time expensive. Therefore, it is essential to know about the best e-commerce marketing strategies which can be beneficial in selecting digital investments of your business to speed up your ROI results.

Why ROI is important for eCommerce business?

Ecommerce Marketing

ROI or return of investment is highly important as it helps you know your e-commerce business’s sale performance as well as marketing impact. In other words, it is the analysis of the financial performance of your e-commerce business. This will help you in understanding whether your investment is offering a positive return or not. Calculating the right ROI is important to grow your business.

Try the RACE framework to know about the e-commerce marketing strategies

Not many people know this but e-commerce marketing strategies for one business will always work differently for other businesses. However, you can still get access to the raw data which can help you in identifying excellent marketing strategies. This further allows you to scale them up which means you don’t have to waste any money or time on strategies that don’t offer any results.

E-commerce marketing strategy funnel

Ecommerce Marketing

Every good e-commerce marketing strategy will work like a funnel. If a business is done with the planning and marketing activities, the next step is to focus on the reach or attracting customers to your site.

To increase the revenue of the retail marketers and managers and to let the business grow, customers play a huge role. Focusing on two complementary strategies such as TOFU AND MOFU which are also known as top and middle of the marketing strategy funnel. This is combined with the RACE framework and will help in seeing the results. Businesses can use the strategy of paid, owned, and earned media to see the increase in reach. Also, another strategy is the user experience which will help in increasing interaction.

The best e-commerce marketing strategy is also known to have conversion as well engagement techniques which come under the MOFU and TOFU stages.

E-commerce marketing strategies

Ecommerce Marketing

The e-commerce marketing strategies can be broken down into paid, owned, earned media. Every marketing activity depends on these strategies which can further decide the growth of any retail company.

Increase the organic growth via strategic owned media

Ecommerce Marketing

Owned marketing strategies such as creating organic traffic to blogs or social media profiles are very beneficial and cost-effective. The more you will dedicate time as well as resources to the owned media, the better will be your reach. This can be achieved by deciding on strategic keyword research, implementation, content planning, as well as optimization. Not to forget that your business will only increase its reach if there is volume and quality. You can use free tools like Google Adwords planner which will benefit your owned media planning and paid.

Invest in paid media

Trying organic reach was easy a few years back. But now the competition is hard and organic visibility is gone due to Google snippets and ads. According to Locowise, the organic reach levels on Facebook brand accounts were very low:

  • 6% average organic reach against page likes or followers.
  • 27% average paid to reach against page likes or followers.

Therefore, paid media is highly effective in getting quick reach as well as in attracting new customers. Plus, it is value for money if you are focusing on retargeting.

Earned media strategy

The activities involved in earned media are influencer outreach or public relation. This helps in creating awareness which is cheaper than the actual advertising. The biggest advantage of earned media is that it can help build social value as well as trust. It is not just limited to one thing but includes viral and social media marketing, blogs, word of mouth, conversations, etc.

ACT on e-commerce strategies

An excellent e-commerce landing page

Ecommerce Marketing

The entrance page of any website is known as a landing page. The visitor or customer reaches this page after clicking on an advertisement, link from a reference site, or offline campaign. This can be called a home page but is a page deeper with the involvement of a message that defines an offer presented in an ad or website.

The e-commerce marketers will see that the customer will enter their website on the product page. But when customers or visitors enter deep into the website then the landing page should communicate with them. It should explain the key messages such as:

  • Who are we?
  • How are we different from others?
  • How our website can help you?

Increase interaction and conversion by managing the campaign landing pages

The campaign landing pages are used by companies to increase the lead generation of their websites. It is seen that many digital marketers don’t have web pages that can fulfill the requirements of any marketing campaign. To overcome this, it is better to hire marketers that can direct them to a good landing page, or can newly design them a campaign conversion dedicated content.

It is the content of the page which can bring in new customers.

Understand the website journey of your customers

The journey of customers on your website is the best way to secure more business. You can analyze customer behavior with the help of Google Analytics. Also, techniques like forward and reverse path analysis are beneficial for e-commerce style websites that have a product-focused structure. These techniques can help the marketers to get practical insights as well as actions within few hours.


The E-commerce marketing strategies are great to convert and engage new customers every day. The above-mentioned strategies, techniques will help your e-commerce business to grow on a great scale. Plus, these strategies will speed up your ROI exceptionally.

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