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Are you searching the web because you know that it’s time for new glasses, but you’re not interested in trying them on in a store? (With more and more services going virtual, we don’t blame you for wanting to purchase your new glasses from the comfort of your couch!)

In your searches, you may have come across a site named Liingo. Launched in 2016, Liingo was acquired by 1-800-Contacts in 2018. Intrigued? Well, we’ve dug deeper to bring you the real facts about what to expect if you buy your next pair of glasses from this company.

Before going any further though: What’s with the company’s name? Well, lingo is how people express themselves through words, and Liingo’s founders wanted Liingo to be the way people express themselves with their two “i”s. (Yep, the name is as punny as it sounds.)

Pros and cons of Liingo Eyewear

Liingo pros

  • 5-day free in-home try-on program available on a wide range of frames
  • online virtual try-on technology for all frames listed on the website
  • free shipment
  • 60-day free return and exchange policy

Liingo cons

  • no children’s frames or contacts
  • no international shipping
  • limited lens options
  • even if you’re only interested in 2 or 3 frames, you’ll still need to pick 5 to try
  • you’ll need to input your credit card information for the in-home try-on program (nothing will be charged unless you fail to return the glasses at the end of the trial period, but we get that you may not like uploading your card info)

What’s available from Liingo Eyewear?

Liingo offers prescription and nonprescription glasses for women and men. Sunglass style lenses and blue light lenses are available with certain frames. Additionally, frames can be bought without lenses.

Liingo can accommodate glasses with prescriptions between -14.00 to +6.00 sphere. Their cylinder range is -3.75 to +3.75. However, the total power (sphere and cylinder) on the glasses can’t exceed -14.00. This won’t affect many people, but be sure to double-check your prescription before getting your heart set on a style.

When it comes to frame options, Lingo only sells their own frames. While there isn’t an overwhelming number of styles, you can be fairly confident that they’ll have something that’s a good fit for your face and preferences. Liingo is also constantly adding new styles.

Another thing to note is if you love your current frames, Liingo, unfortunately, can’t add their lenses to them. You’d have to choose a new Liingo frame.

How much do eyeglasses from Liingo cost?

Most of the basic frames range from $79 to $129. This price includes shipping and lenses, and is likely cheaper than or competitive with other options available.

Wanting to make it even more affordable? There are discount codes online and frequent sales.

How Liingo Eyewear works

The frame selection and ordering process for Liingo all takes place through their website.

When ordering, you’ll want your current glasses prescription and your pupillary distance, or PD, measurement. (Not sure what this is? No worries, you can use their online tool to measure it using your webcam.)

You’ll see menu options on the homepage for men, women, and blue light glasses. (There is also a section for sunglasses under the “Discover” tab.)

If you click on one of those options, you’ll be able to sort through various frames. You can use filters to narrow down based on size, face shape, color, material, and more. You can also choose to filter only those that are available as part of the in-home try-on program.

On the homepage, there’s also a try-on menu. By clicking on this, you can choose virtual try-on, in-home try-on, or find my fit. Under virtual try-on, you can take an image of yourself using your device’s camera and see what you would look like in any of the frames.

The in-home try-on option allows you to choose 5 frames to try at home free of charge for 5 days. As previously mentioned, these frames won’t come with lenses in them and you’ll need to give your credit card number just in case you don’t return the frames.

Otherwise, shipping is free both ways and you get to try on 5 frames. Not all frames on the site are a part of this program.

Once you’ve chosen a style, you can select any lens upgrades and check out. After paying, you’ll need to send Liingo a copy of your prescription. (This can be done through email or by texting a photo of it. Your doctor can also fax it to them, or Liingo has a fancy app that can read your current prescription!)

Then, all that’s left is to wait for your glasses to arrive in the mail. Many glasses will fit well when they arrive, but if they do need an adjustment, Liingo encourages you to take them to a local optical store. If the store charges you for the service, Liingo offers a $25 reimbursement.

Getting your Liingo shipment

Once you’ve sent Liingo your prescription, you should expect to receive your glasses in about 14 days.

Liingo return policy
Liingo’s 60-Day Delight Guarantee means that you can exchange or return your glasses for a full refund for 60 days. If you damage your glasses during this time, you can also contact Liingo for a free replacement pair.

Liingo customer reviews

Liingo isn’t Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited — and it appears their listed as Liingo Eyeware, not Liingo Eyewear — but the Better Business Bureau does give them an A ranking.

In general, customers have given Liingo excellent reviews for price, ease of ordering, and customer service.

Alternatives to Liingo

Not convinced Liingo is the way to go? Some online alternatives include:

  • Warby Parker. Warby Parker has several retail locations in the United States and Canada where you can try on glasses and sometimes get your eyes tested. It runs a nearly identical in-home try-on program to Liingo. It also offers free shipping and returns. Warby Parker accepts ApplePay and has a 365-day lens replacement warranty. Downsides? Only a 30-day return policy and the types of lenses available are also limited.
  • Zenni. Zenni Optical offers inexpensive adult and children’s frames. It doesn’t offer an in-home try-on program, though, and shipping isn’t free. Additionally, it doesn’t accept vision insurance and has a 30-day return policy.
  • EyeBuyDirect. Like Zenni, EyeBuyDirect includes inexpensive adult and children’s frames. It doesn’t offer an in-home try-on program, but shipping is free on purchases over $99. EyeBuyDirect doesn’t accept vision insurance and has a 14-day return policy.
    Of course, there are your local optical stores, too. These tend to be more expensive than online options, as more people are involved in the process. But, you’re able to try on any frames in stock for a better fit and know the actual people your purchase supports.

Store satisfaction and return policies can vary greatly, so you’ll also want to double-check your particular store’s policies.

Is Liingo Eyewear worth it?

Looking to purchase some affordable new eyeglasses from the comfort of your home? While you’ll still need to make sure you have a valid prescription from your eye doctor, Liingo can take care of making the actual frames arrive on your doorstep.

Their free trial program can help you decide on your favorite frames, and their 60-day free return policy can make you feel more confident about ordering frames online. (Of course, you’ll want to make sure you check out their current practices before ordering just in case they’ve made any changes!)

Here’s to ordering some, food, watching your favorite TV show, and getting your next pair of glasses ordered from the comfort of your couch!

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