This Is Why StackPath Is So Famous!


Today, a Content Delivery Network (CDN) becomes an important system to deliver the content  to end-users in a very high-quality format. It is basically an interconnected system of computers working on the internet to offer web content in a fast-paced manner to multiple users within a same time period by the method of duplication of content on various servers. It is largely beneficial for an end-user. If an end-user go to the web and request for some specific content, the closest server to that particular user smartly recognizes the request and get ready to deliver the content to that user in order to speed-up the process of delivering the content.

StackPath is known to be the fastest rising market in the content delivery networks, CDN. The company founder is none other than Lance Crosby who is the reason behind the success of StackPath. From 2017 till 2022, the company has grown excellently i.e. from the US $7.5 billion to the US $30.9 billion. This is the quickest rise in any company’s funding.


However, getting back to the history of StackPath, it was founded in 2015, and by the year 2018 it reached a $200 million revenue rate annually. The reason behind all this success within a short duration of time is its 5 acquisitions from 2016-2018. All these acquisitions included business in VPN, CDN, and security. Therefore, such successful moves helped them to target customers all across the globe. On the contrary, StackPath is headed to a single platform and is working on its progress.

Impressive features of StackPath

StackPath has some amazing features to offer to its customers. One of the great features of StackPath is that it offers WAF functionality, SSL support, and analytics to its customers under a satisfactory price range. As compared to other companies in this field, StackPath offers similar protection to the startup as it provides to the bigger enterprises.

Apart from this, StackPath offers CDN in around 45 locations all across the globe. They have nice coverage in western countries as compared to opponents. However, some of the other features offered by StackPath are mentioned below:

  • DDoS protection – StackPath allows your website to be safe from excessive traffic and helps in bringing that traffic offline. Also, it proposes a network and protection of applications.
  • StackPath also features site acceleration via CDN which is very beneficial for your website.
  • Most of the websites lack in reporting but with StackPath it is not the case. It offers real-time reporting of a website.
  • The web application firewall is one of the other impressive features of StackPath which protects your website from online threats.
  • A free encrypt edge license is also provided by StackPath.
  • Reporting and logging – StackPath’s reporting and logging screens are very easy to use and beneficial. You will be able to see your website’s traffic location as well as the cache percentage. It makes it easy to see traffic and work accordingly.
  • Decreases the server load: Firms that face a monstrous traffic on their business websites on a regular basis can use StackPath CDN to accommodate a huge number of users trying to access the same content. The content is being spread across through various servers which eventually helps in decreases the load on a particular server, and offering fastest delivery of content.

Alternatively, the overall performance of StackPath and its features is fairly good. StackPath has improved in many areas for its customer’s experience. However, its performance depends on content size, location, and catching performance. Resulting it is great for the customers and their websites.

Price of StackPath

Price of StackPath

StackPath’s price structure is pretty impressive including features like CDN and integrated security. The pro package is $20 per month, the business package is of the cost $200 per month, and the enterprise package is $2000 per month. However, one has to pay extra for DNS but other than that the price range is flexible and attractive.


To conclude this review, StackPath is definitely a value for money because of its impressive features. One can operate not just one but various websites through StackPath. Therefore, you can certainly think about StackPath for the growth of your website as well as customers. You can easily increase your performance, and give an end-user an incredible consumer experience like never before.

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