An Essential Guide to Create the Best Landing Pages for Google Ads

Best Landing Pages

We all know that Google Ads is one of the best tools to hit more sales and conversions in the online world.  Most of the search results webpages have Google ads. In today’s times, Google ads are the most effective way to drive relevant traffic to your website. The search engine offers paid advertisements that pop up while searching for anything on Google while using Google ads.

It is basically an online advertising program launched by Google that helps you to make enticing online adverts to target the right audience. It entirely works on a pay-per-click advertising model.

However, to successfully run Google ads and enhance the conversion rate one must have a solid and eye-catching landing page. It’s the landing page that delivers fruitful results.

A mediocre or boring landing page will fail to generate conversions or sales. In fact, Google ads will also not help unless you have a stunning and interesting landing page. To get the true value of your money spent on Google ads it is important to invest time, effort, and creativity on your landing page.

What is the best way to optimize a landing page for Google Ads?

Well, the answer is to focus on the content and make it easy to navigate.

Your content is the king and it will create a major impact on optimizing your landing page’s performance to fetch more Google ads.

What are the key areas to focus on the landing page?

Best Landing Pages

Pay attention to its design

Best Landing Pages

A landing page is like an entrance to your business world. It’s the first page that netizens see on their screen after clicking on the search link. If it’s not eye-catching then viewers won’t dig into it further. Even if it’s well-optimized then also you may not get the kind of conversion it should bring to your business. The main reason is sluggish, boring, and redundant design.

Thus, it should be designed in an excellent manner to make it super productive for your business.

How to design your landing page?

While designing a website pay extra attention to its landing page. The excellent landing page design must have:

  • Stunning images and videos
  • Typography
  • Eye-catching fonts
  • A vibrant color palette
  • CTA button

All these essential aspects are a part of designing an excellent landing page. Thus, it is important to pay attention to all these aspects while designing an ad landing page for your website. Also, don’t forget to optimize its speed to leave a good impact on viewers.

Expert tip

If you don’t know how to create a stunning and optimized landing page then download the WPOnepager plugin that will offer you a versatile range of landing pages for every vertical.

Pay attention to images and videos

Best Landing Pages

While creating an ad landing page it’s very important to pay special attention to images and videos. No viewer wants to see a boring and plain landing page. Relevant and interesting images catch the attention of viewers more than anything. On top of that, if you can show some small videos then it would be the icing on the cake.

So, to grab the eyeball metrics and optimize your ad landing page for Google ads focus more on images and videos.

You can make explainer videos that can also be linked to your blog, social media pages, or YouTube. You can upload some enticing images talking about your business and achievements.

Expert Tip

While adding images and videos, keep an eye on the weight of the landing page. It may make your ad landing page sluggish. You can take the help of the WPOnepager plugin that offers incredible blocks for images and videos for ad landing pages without compromising the speed.

Call to Action feature

Best Landing Pages

It plays a vital role on any landing page. It is the feature that will create a conversion for you. Thus, it has to be very smartly put on the landing page.

What exactly is it?

It basically encourages a visitor to take the next step to buy/download your service or product. If you have created it well and the visitor finds it promising then he will definitely click it.

CTA has to be very attractive, motivating, and confident. You have to create an impression on a visitor that you are the best service provider and can transform their lives or business in a true sense.

Then only visitors will hit the Download Now, Subscribe now, Get a free trial, Buy Now buttons on the landing page.

Else, you can play with their minds by asking them some smart questions such as:

Do you want to transform your business?

Are you ready to make profits?

Expert Tip

Make sure to create a very attractive and productive CTA for your landing page. You can also take the help of some paid plugins and tools to create an eye-catching CTA.


Best Landing Pages

We all need to build trust and an image among people about our services and products. Today, everyone wants to read some positive stories, reviews, and experiences of previous customers before picking any online/offline service or product.

Social proofing in the online world has become a big rage. When it comes to ad landing pages then it plays an indispensable role to convince visitors and convert them to successful leads. It’s a human tendency that we all need some sort of recommendation, approval, suggestion, and guidance from others before taking the plunge.

So, make sure to put some text or video testimonials on your landing page. Ask your existing customers to review your products and services. Try also to get some reviews from well-known social media faces and influencers to enhance your credibility. People nowadays follow influencers blindly. And it will help you to promote your business and optimize your landing page for Google ads and conversions.

Expert Tip

Make sure to put extraordinary testimonials. It’s better if you can put some images and videos of real customers, or influencers to create an instant impact on visitors.

Pay attention to SEO

Best Landing Pages

Without SEO it’s impossible to rank pages on Google and mark your presence online. SEO plays a great role in the online business. However, to create a strong and productive landing page you have to focus on advanced SEO. After all, a landing page will create traffic and bring more ads.

Thus, pay attention to strong keywords. Do keyword research every week and use them all across the content on your landing page to amplify traffic. Don’t just beat around the bush. Take professional help and work on strong primary and secondary keywords to create an impact.

Expert Tip

Finding super strong and performance-driven keywords is quite a daunting task. You can also take the help of any professional tool or plugin, including Yoast SEO or WPOnepager.

Landing Page should be mobile-friendly

Best Landing Pages

We all know that almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays. It has become a go-to device for multi-tasking. Over 60% of traffic comes from smartphones because people nowadays access almost every webpage on mobile.

Thus, it’s very important to make your landing page mobile-friendly, mobile responsive, and swift to generate a high amount of traffic to your site.

Ensure to run multiple tests from smartphones to rectify any kind of lag. The higher traffic will bring more conversions.

Expert Tip

Make sure to work harder to make the landing page flawless, super-fast, and mobile responsive to optimize it for Google ads.


Put yourself into the customer’s shoes to understand the concept. It’s all about how creatively you present your ideas to grab the attention. You need to showcase your strengths and the best points in an attractive manner to grab everyone’s attention. And landing page is just like a first impression. It can either make it or break it.

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