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Nowadays with the development of new technologies and broadening modernization, everything has gone online. No matter whatsoever it is, its online presence makes it grow faster.

This is what is happening with your business. Growing up your business requires a lot of several online services and tools. These services and tools are not always available for free, you need to pay for them.

These paid services sometimes prove to be an economical burden for some of the businesses which stop their growth. This is where AppSumo will definitely help you. This is a website providing awesome deals for digitally available goods and services.

Here we will be briefly discussing all the major features and working of AppSumo and would be making a perfect review for your reference.

What is AppSumo?

AppSumo is an online platform providing awesome deals on several digitally available goods and services. These deals can be either periodic or a lifetime. The deals offered in these platforms are way far less than the actual price.

This platform not only provides you the best ever deals for the paid services but also helps the partners submitting their products over the platform to generate more revenue.


AppSumo was the idea of the serial online entrepreneur Noah Kahan. He started this platform in his mom’s basement in 2010. And now in the present time, AppSumo is the home to the best and the smartest techies Austin, Texas has ever seen.

The main motto behind the establishment of this online site was” the tools that you need to run your business should not put you out of the business.” And this motto has now made 1.6K deals, 1K launched startups, $15M reinvestment in the startup, and $500M savings for the customers possible over here.

What does it do?

To summarise the working of the AppSumo, you can simply understand that they research and get a partnership with the hottest tech companies available. Thereafter you can get access to the insane deals on their products. And thus this is how you can save thousands of dollars.

AppSumo ensures that the customers availing their service and the partners are equally saving money as well as making money respectively.

With their collaboration or partnering with the hottest startup and companies, they provide the community with incredible and affordable software solutions for the betterment of their entrepreneurial journey.

So far, AppSumo has helped hundreds of startups and has given the new hustlers access to the cutting-edge tools to grow their business. 

Deals in AppSumo

The deals available in the AppSumo are the best ones you will ever find while buying any tools or services. The deals can be of several types such as lifetime deals, annual deals, freebie deals, subscription deals, or any digital download deals.

All the deals are totally worth it but still, the most preferred one is the lifetime deals whereby you get access to any of the software for a lifetime once you have purchased and redeemed it.

The deals in AppSumo are offered for a certain period of time which you have to avail before the deadline. This is why you need to keep an eye and be updated about the new deals being offered. 

AppSumo Plus

AppSumo Plus is a rewards membership of the AppSumo with several amazing perks. By becoming an AppSumo member you can avail exclusive Sumo-ling benefits.

1.Features of AppSumo Plus:

  • The most attractive perk available for the plus member is the 10% off AppSumo purchases. This 10% off will be automatically applied to your cart irrespective of the price of the product.


  • This subscription also gives you access to the KingSumo Giveaway Pro. This is one of the best ways to grow your email list without paying for any ads or guest posts. You will be benefited from this feature as long as you are a plus member.


  • This also gives you the advantage of the exclusive extended access to the deals. You will get the early as well as the late access to any kind of deals over the store. This will always make you ahead of the curve.

2.Price and Refund Policy

This membership is available for $99 per year and can be canceled any time you wish to withdraw. But still, the membership is not refundable once the rewards have been used up since the membership is billed annually.

AppSumo Briefcase 

AppSumo Briefcase is a quarterly membership that allows you access to the curated selection of top tier software at just $49/month which has to be paid $147/ quarter.

The software tools offered over here are basically for the entrepreneurs with the growing business. The major perks available with your Briefcase membership are:

  • You get access to the featured software.
  • You’re issued coupons that can be used to purchase products in the AppSumo store.
  • You can also receive an additional 10% discount on additional AppSumo purchases.
  • You can also have the extended access to select deals during featured promotions.


Currently, the Briefcase  Quarterly plan is available with an amount of $147/ quarter. The access includes the tools that are currently available on the Briefcase platform, a four-use coupon that is issued quarterly to purchase items from the AppSumo stores along with the benefits provided in the  AppSumo Plus.

With the Briefcase Quarterly plan, you will receive four chips that can be used towards the purchase in the AppSumo store. Each chip has a value of $49. The major thing to avail of this chip is to enroll your Briefcase account with the AppSumo account.

AppSumo Freebies 

Launching a business successfully is not that easy and that is where AppSumo excellently helps you to grow. The platform helps the founders and their software to grab the attention that they require and also helps you to get the best tools that will help in the growth of your business.

AppSumo provides you the best deals for the best products, and still, if you want something for free, you can avail it over here. The free deals are collected in the freebies section where you can find tools and informative eBooks and PDFs in a wide array of categories, all for free.

Some of the current best-featured offers in this category are:

-Clickminded digital marketing guide which is a guide boosting site traffic and sales through digital marketing

-silfer Bots which include automated support, marketing, and sales with Facebook Messenger chatbot. which helps in designing and running digital ads on premium websites without paying premium costs.

These are some of the trending tools which are totally free of cost.

AppSumo Marketplace

AppSumo assists the hustlers in a great way to grow. This is done here by providing a platform where their products can be highlighted. You can refer to it as a promotion which is quite different from a typical lifetime deal that you may see on AppSumo.

Your product listing will always be evergreen rather than being a limited-time promotion. It is way much better than the paid ads where you have control over your sales and the level of exposure you receive from the platform.

Submitting your product over here is really simple. All you need to do is to visit the submit my product option and go through the instructions given. You need to fill up the details of your products and the offering price.

Making Payments in AppSumo 

AppSumo provides you the maximum options to make it reliable for you to make the payments. The major payments that have been accepted over this platform are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and AppSumo Credits.

The AppSumo never charges you any kind of sales tax on the products as per the Austin, TX law. This is why the purchaser is responsible for reporting and paying any applicable taxes related to the service usage.

Refund Policy:

The refund policy includes a full refund of the purchase price for all the products. Every product has some specified number of days from the date of purchase to be refunded. You can get refunded for any possible reasons or even for no reason.

There is a refund window for each product in the deal terms of the products from where you can process for the refunds. But once the refund window is closed you cannot make any kind of refund within your account. 

The Refund Policy is not applicable for the AppSumo members once the rewards have been used up because this is an annually billed membership.

Concluding Lines on AppSumo

Thus, AppSumo is a perfect platform and the best marketplace to avail the best deals for the curated SaaS tools, educational content, and small business resources. The deals are over here and are totally worth it.

The different memberships such as Plus subscription and the Briefcase membership brings you the best deals along with the amazing discount on it.

The refund policy is totally hassles free and returns all your money back to you. The ease of payments makes it more popular among the hustlers.

It is not only beneficial for the new business but also for the partners in search of promoting their newest products as this saves thousands of dollars being invested in the ads.

Summing up all the features you can determine how beneficial is AppSumo.

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