Bluehost Review: How do they compare to the competition in 2020?

bluehost review

Are you in search of a good and reliable web host? For a successful website, it is essential to have a web host. Web hosting not only is responsible for server maintenance but is also important to keep hardware up to date, maintain the software, troubleshooting, and a lot more. It gives any website an online presence and space to store web files without losing them in anyways. A reputed web hosting provider leaves no stone unturned to keep your professional website visible on the Internet while giving it a unique domain name and maintains the website round the clock. A lot of people often get confused while selecting a good web host which creates a big hindrance in their work and success. If you are willing to have hands on the best web hosting platform in 2020 then there is nothing better than Bluehost. It is one of the best and highly considered web hosts which delivers reliability, uptime, great performance, and amazing features, unlike other web-hosting providers in the market.

About Bluehost

It is one of the finest hosting providers in the world that started it’s operations way back in 1996 under the name of It was started by Matt Heaton. Earlier it was started off as a free hosting firm, but slowly and gradually it took a shape of a company and renamed as Bluehost in 2003. The company is now in the partnership with WordPress and host up to 2 million websites all across the world with the help of up to 750 employees.

As compared to strong competition in the market, Bluehost has maintained its high position for 15years and is continuing to do that. The company sticks to its main aim of offering affordable services with utmost reliability and high performance. On the other hand, it is in partnership with WordPress which offers a chance to have WordPress hosting as well. It is 100% compatible with WordPress features as well as plugins.

This web host is dedicated to the open-source community. Bluehost’s servers, internal tools, as well as scripts are built with the help of open-source software which makes it strong to bear the market competition.

Pros of Bluehost

bluehost review

No wonder if you are going to have a web host then you should be served with an ample amount of its benefits. Bluehost is known for its amazing pros and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Incredible server uptime – it is essential for every website to have amazing uptime. The platform offers incredible server uptime which is 99.99%. Plus you can expect various plans such as cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and much more. With Bluehost server uptime you will never face low revenue and a bad user experience.
  • Daily backups – most people overlook this aspect but it is a blessing for your business. If something goes wrong with your websites, the backup saves from sinking. Bluehost offers the benefit of daily backups on all its hosting plans. You can either stick to the limit of its backup plan or can upgrade it.
  • Beginner’s friendly – this web host is known for offering a great customer experience. This web host is beginner’s friendly which makes it easy to use. Plus, it has a simple user interface. Thus, you don’t have to face any technical elements or hosting setup issues.
  • Customer support – the platform is aware that an alarming situation can arrive anytime which is why it has a solid customer support team to serve the customers. Every person or customer is offered with options like live chat, social media support, and phone support. Every issue is resolved on time and with utmost customer satisfaction.
  • 30days money back guarantee – what could be more amazing than this? The company offers a chance for every customer to know them better. You will get a complete refund within 30days if you are not satisfied with its services.
  • Fast server speeds – another benefit of Bluehost is its fast server speeds. Every type of hosting plan by Bluehost offers high server speed. This makes this platform better than other web hosting companies.

Bluehost hosting packages

bluehost review

The hosting provider offers a versatile range of hosting packages to cater to all kinds of customers and companies. However, the company puts more emphasis on basic/beginner shared hosting plans as well as optimized WordPress oriented hosting plans. Broadly, it offers 4 major hosting plans including:

  • Basic package: It starts at $2.95 per month and offers single website, 50 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, one domain, free SSL certificate, and standard performance.
  • Plus package: It starts at $5.45 per month and gives access to unlimited websites, SSD storage and bandwidth. It also offers SSL certificate for free, unlimited domains, spam experts feature, unlimited sub domains followed by 1 office 365 mailbox with 30 days free subscription.
  • Choice Plus: This package starts at $5.45 per month and gives you unlimited SSD storage, websites, bandwidth, and sub domains. It also offers free SSL certificate $200 marketing offers, spam experts feature, unlimited parked domains, site backup feature and 1 office 365 mailbox for 30 days.
  • Pro: As the name suggests, it’s the highest professional package offered by the company with professional features. It starts at $13.95 per month and gives you unlimited benefits. The best part of the package is that one can get one dedicated IP and domain privacy as well.

And when it comes to hosting plans, Bluehost offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud sites, and dedicated hosting. Thus, the company offers a versatile range of hosting plans and packages to meet every requirement of independent online entrepreneurs, companies, individuals, online stores, and professional websites.


Bluehost is indeed better than other web hosting companies in the market due to it’s multiple features. Plus, its pricing plans are very vivid and affordable and under the budget of all. Therefore, it is high time you get your hands on Bluehost and reach the heights of success in the ever-expanding online world.

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