Top Affiliate Strategy For Beginners 2020

Top Affiliate Strategy For Beginners 2020

Every Content creator uses affiliate marketing to increase the amount derived from their blog’s monetization strategy. Affiliate marketing is sort of a referral advertising strategy where the blogger recommends products and services to the readers and gets some returns with every purchase made.

It can even be considered as the marketing of products through quality content writing services. Here, the blogger acquires the position of an affiliate & promotes the products and services of the advertiser for a commission. The strategy thrives on a cost-per-lead basis and you earn when the audience takes an act of signing up for a trial or buying the product.

In order to enhance sales, it is important that the affiliate marketer finds such products and services that are of utmost preference of the customers. Also, the information about these products must be included into your content so that the audience can use the referral link to buy products.

Given below are the top affiliate strategies for beginners that are highly useful in 2020. 

  1. Impact Radius

    Impact Radius is a company that has brought revolution in the advertising industry. The advertising products of Impact Radius help brands gain better return on the amount spent on advertising.

It was launched in 2008 by a marketing team who also created Commission Junction, and LeadPoint. Impact Radius is popularly known for its Saas technology that has been serving professionals and helping them gain profits. The product range of Impact Radius includes three major products: Partner Manager, Media Manager & Forensiq. Partner manager is a total performance marketing tool that assists in managing, tracking & growing marketing partner relationships. Media manager on the other hand is a marketing intelligence platform that keeps records for marketing lending better insights into online & offline marketing expenditure. It also allows visibility into the influence caused by the amount spent on marketing. The third platform is Forensiq that is for fraud detection and verification.

  1. Amazon Associates

    Top Affiliate Strategy For Beginners 2020Amazon is an ecommerce platform that is now an online retail giant. It provides services in almost all parts of the world. The best part about amazon associates is that it provides a reasonable amount of commission on all its sales. Plus, it is super easy to gain a share of this online retail giant’s benefits. You just need a website or social media presence & sign up account for the Amazon affiliate program.

Altogether there are three types of affiliate marketing-
Pay-per-sale: In this program, the affiliate gets paid when the affiliate sends a customer who makes a purchase.
Pay-per-click: In this program, the affiliate is paid on the basis of the number of customers visiting the merchant’s site via the affiliate link, and here the affiliate is paid irrespective of the purchase made.
Pay-per-lead: In this type of program, affiliates get paid on the basis of the number of visitors visiting the merchant’s site who sign up as leads or fill out the requested information on the website.

  1. ShareASale

    Shareasale is a popular affiliate marketing program with a great experience in sales and advertising. The company is reputable and is known for its free sign ups.

    The process is quite simple. Once your application is approved, you can start adding affiliate links. There is a quick way to look for merchants on Shareasale.  The filter tool helps you choose merchants by category, keywords, sales commission structure. In fact, you can even find out the top 100 merchants on the site and then match it to your website niche. You can get to know more about the merchant by clicking at it. When you click on a merchant, you’ll see both their commission structure and payment amounts.

There are two merchant marketing models to earn money with Shareasale:
Pay Per Lead — In this program, you get paid every time a visitor follows your affiliate link to a merchant’s lead capture form and completes it properly. This means that you earn with every completed form through your link.
Pay Per Sale — In this program, you earn a commission when visitors follow your direct link to a product or webpage and then make a purchase. This means here you earn with every sale made through your link.

  1. JVZoo

    JVZoo is a popular affiliate network among the masses interested in making money online.

You get to sell information about products like ebooks, video tutorials, software, apps, plugins on this platform. It is a great platform for making money through selling products here as the variety of products is vast. You just need to choose something that is a potential buy for the customers. There are 21 categories in which you can interest buyers. With no additional fee as an affiliate marketer, a person can be a JVZoo affiliate.

  1. Commission Junction (CJ)

    Commission Junction (CJ)CJ is one of the world’s largest affiliate networks. CJ affiliates have certain features that distinguish it from other affiliate marketers. It even has a variety of programs which is just the right fit for bloggers or entrepreneurs. The offers on CJ affiliate are generally for pay per sale, pay per lead & pay per call.

  2. Rakuten Affiliate Network

    Rakuten is surely one of the oldest affiliate networks available. It was founded in 1997 & had been constantly expanding into new ideas.
    One can easily sign up with Rakuten at absolutely no costs at all. It has a user friendly interface which makes testing and setting up of ads easy. People get to choose among 1000s of merchants. The payouts are simple with the option of one in 25 different currencies.

  3. Avangate

    Avangate is for all those affiliates who have a good audience interested in software. In case you are an affiliate in the software zone who has an eye for customization, this is the ideal match for you. Affiliates working for the gaming industry, finance, educational software & multimedia design software sector. 

The best part of this network is that it gives affiliates the option to create their own coupons.

  1. ClickBank

    ClickBank is another affiliate network with many benefits. This platform serves the role of a marketplace where people who create products and affiliates both can make money together. This all can happen with no typical complex paper works. The offers are highly appealing. An affiliate usually gets 75% commission. The selling offers can be made in various countries.  The platform also gives access to several recurring offers for generating regular income. The process is quite simple and easy to carry out.

  2. Bluehost

    Bluehost is a renowned name when it comes to powering websites online. It is considered the best-recommended hosting provider by WordPress. The amazing features like 24/7 support, free SSL certificates, and free domain name registration, make Bluehost web hosting stand out. Bluehost offers three types of hosting plans. You can join as an affiliate and sign up easily for the program. Since Bluehost is quite popular, it has a super successful affiliate program. The commissions are high & fair. You have to place text links or banners on your site and get going for referral sales that you make.

Bluehost affiliates can earn commissions starting from $65 for each qualified hosting plan purchase. Bluehost usually uses PayPal to provide affiliates with their earnings. People find it really disturbing as  PayPal transactions are subject to a fee. But the best part is that Bluehost makes sure that this fee is covered for you. This leaves the affiliates with complete earnings of $65.

Bluehost also provides a tiered commission to reward success of affiliates along with the basic commission of $65. This leads to greater payout with greater amount of sales.

It is to be noted that Tiered commissions range from $65 to $130 per sale.

  1. GeneratePressTop Affiliate Strategy For Beginners 2020

    GeneratePress affiliate program is a referral system launched by

GeneratePress is a multi-purpose WordPress theme. It comes with 2 versions free & premium. The free version of GeneratePress has zero costs whereas the premium version comes with a price. The GeneratePress affiliate program is quite appealing. It offers a flat
35% commission for every sale generated from the affiliate link. It is highly suggested for making money from this affiliate program.
The best thing about GeneratePress affiliate program is that it is free to join with absolutely no costs associated. Just visit and sign up. The payment is usually made via PayPal. The minimum payout is $50 and this is the amount you must earn in order to gain your commission. GeneratePress affiliate program gives you the freedom to place your affiliate links anywhere on the internet. It can be on a web portal or on social media handles.

  1. Elementor

    Elementor is considered great for people looking forward to making income through sending traffic to the elementor website. It pays commissions using Paypal, and one can receive payments on a monthly basis if fulfilled the $200 payout threshold limit. The commissions are automatically rolled over into the following month if the commissions are less than $200.
    Elementor provides a single tier affiliate program. Commissions are generally 50% of the sales made. Also, the size of the commission depends on the value of the plan taken by the referred user. One can get promotional banners and links in order to help you with promotions. The affiliate program is free to join with no additional costs at all.

  2. Grammarly

    Grammarly offers a great affiliate program. The program is quite flexible to join. With grammarly, you can earn in 3 ways as an affiliate.
    1. Free Trials- In this program, you get $.20 for every free trial sign up.
    2. Premium Sales- With every purchase made, the user gets $20. As soon as your user purchases or converts the trial, you are bound to get $20.
    3. Signup Bonus- If you enroll in the affiliate program and write an article exclusively about Grammarly with your affiliate banner ad, you get an amount of $25.

The best part about Grammarly is that it lets affiliates have higher sales volumes. With extra sales, comes along extra incentives including cash, extra payouts and exclusive discounts. CJ and ShareASale provide banners and affiliate links which you can use in your content for promotion. In case you want a link to the free trial sign up form, you can get it easily.

  1. BeRush

    Be Rush is an affiliate program from the makers of popular SEMrush tool. It is quite a known tool for freelancers to generate income. The affiliates need to register on, a separate dedicated website for Berush. SEMrush offers three types of subscriptions, i.e. Pro, Guru & Business. Whenever a user buys any of these subscriptions, the affiliate gets a certain amount of commission. An affiliate can use a banner or widget to promote the offers on the respective blog, website, newsletter or social profile. Affiliates have the privilege to track their stats and revenue using a real-time reporting system.

The program is easy to get started. There are multiple options to promote on unlimited websites under a single account. Great for earning referral commissions.

  1. WP Rocket

    The WP Rocket Affiliate program officially started in 2018. It has come a long way since then. In order to provide more knowledge about WP plugin, the WP Rocket team came up with the affiliate network with ShareAsale. This is the program through which it is easier to manage requests, track affiliates’ results and build better communication. There are no limits when it comes to the affiliation program. It works in quite a fair manner. When anyone joins our program as an affiliate, he/she gets a 20%commission for every sale made through their promotion. The idea has always been of focusing on quality and not quantity.


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