“Backyard Reclining Comfort”: Frontgate Original Mesh Zero-Gravity Recliner


The outdoors get so much more enjoyable when you can lounge in comfort. Zero-gravity chairs like the Frontgate Original Mesh Zero-Gravity Recliner take pressure off of the spine so that you can lounge in relatively weightless comfort. The best zero-gravity chairs feature locking mechanisms that let you adjust the recline level, pillows, or lumbar supports so different-sized users can get comfortable. The Frontgate has potential, but it isn’t cheap. I wanted to see if the performance matched the price.

The Frontgate only comes in one color—mocha. The color doesn’t necessarily go with my gray patio table and chairs in my backyard. However, it’s a neutral brown, so it didn’t clash. If I only have one color choice, I’m glad it’s neutral and blends with different color palettes.

In the fully reclined position, I felt like I was floating.

Now, on to the most essential feature—comfort. Zero-gravity chairs are the upscale cousin of a standard, foldable camp chair. Zero-gravs aren’t as lightweight or compact as traditional camp chairs, but they incredibly comfortable. The Frontgate’s features make sure of it.

I live on 12 wooded acres, where my family and I spend a significant amount of time outside around a campfire or simply enjoying the outdoors. We’ve needed an upgrade from our camp chairs. The Frontgate is a considerable improvement.


A zero-gravity chair’s design is based on NASA technology. When reclined, the chair puts the body in a position that takes stress, pressure, and weight off the spine. Press back on the armrests and foot bar, and the chair glides into a reclined position. In the fully reclined position, I felt like I was floating.

This chair fit everyone who used it, ranging from small children to a 6-foot, 1-inch man. Comparatively, when I tested a slightly smaller zero-gravity chair, it didn’t work as well for users over 5’11”. The Frontgate accommodated more height but not weight. Its 250-pound maximum weight limit works for average-sized people, but it seems like a low maximum weight limit for this size chair.


The Frontgate features finger lock mechanisms on each armrest. You can lock the chair in place at varying recline levels, letting you get comfortable based on your personal preferences. Everyone in my family of six could adjust the chair to a position that felt good to them. The chair’s versatility is a huge plus when you have multiple people using the same chair.

The comfort improves even more with the attached, adjustable neck pillow; it was great. The pillow connects to the chair via two tracks on the front of the chair back, allowing you to slide the pillow to a comfortable position. As a shorter person, attached cushions often hit my head rather than the crook of my neck, forcing my head forward—not so with the Frontgate. People ranging in height from 4 feet to 6 feet used and adjusted the pillow without a problem.


The pillow can slide down to the lower back area for use as lumbar support, too. My kids do not need the back support, but I do. I liked that the adjustable pillow was attached to the chair. Unattached pillows can easily get lost, especially when my kids pull out the zero-gravity chairs when I’m not around. I didn’t worry about that with this chair.

I noticed that the pillow sometimes got stuck during adjustment. One side would slide while the other stayed in place. It wasn’t a problem when adults were using the chair, but when we used the chair during an outdoor birthday party for a nine-year-old, kids are not as gentle on the pillow while making adjustments.


The pillow held up fine. I tested the chair for over 20 hours over several weeks (outdoors and in), and there were no tears or breaks on the pillow or the track. But in time, I have a feeling the pillow might get pulled off of the tracks, although nothing hasn’t occurred yet.

Frontgate Original Mesh Zero-Gravity Recliner vs. Caravan Global Zurn Pex Zero Gravity Chair

The other zero-gravity chair I tested alongside the Frontgate was the Caravan Global Zurn Pex Zero Gravity Chair. The fabrics, design, and feel of these chairs were almost identical, although the Caravan’s frame was slightly smaller, making it less comfortable for people over 5-foot, 11-inches. The Caravan’s pillow wasn’t attached like the Frontgate’s; a Velcro strap held it in place, and it was adjustable. The Caravan’s maximum weight limit is 300 pounds and costs significantly less than the Frontgate. Between the two, I’d opt for getting two Caravans instead of one Frontgate because it’s a better deal for an almost identical chair.

Bottom Line

The Frontgate Original Mesh Zero-Gravity Recliner is on the pricey side, but it offers backyard reclining comfort that beats many outdoor furniture pieces and definitely feels better than a camp chair.

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