A quick step guide to using the Zoom app on Android Smartphones?


The Zoom app has become a big rage among professionals all across the world. Since last year, it has been one of the most sought-after apps in the market. It has seen more than 100 million downloads during the pandemic time on Google Play Store. The lockdown due to COVID-19 in many countries led to the instant switch from office meetings to online meetings. This is the result that this video-calling social media app witnessed unbelievable success.

What is it all about?

It is basically a cloud-based video conferencing app that connects a group of people virtually. The Zoom app is an important medium to conduct various professional conferences, casual catch-up sessions with friends and family, and a lot more. Over the past few years, the app has grown from being an ordinary app to a go-to app for a lot of people.

The app allows the users to send a link to join where the second person doesn’t require to sign in to join the call. You can even share the screen with friends, can add 100 participants in a Zoom call, and more. This app has numerous benefits for people working from home. But the ones who are still new to the Zoom app are wondering how to use it on Android phones. Here is a quick side-by-side guide:

How to use it on Android phones?

  • First of all, you need to sign in and join
  • To sign in to the Zoom app, you must download it on your Android phone and open it.
  • Now enter the personal details like user ID and password to have access to its features. Moreover, the user can join a meeting without the need of signing in. Just tap on the gear icon for basic meeting settings.


  • Click on the Meet and Chat option

After signing in and creating an account on the application on your Android phone, you will have easy access to all its features. To chat and start with the video calls, click on the ‘Meet and Chat’ option and you will find other options like joining, schedule, and share screen, etc.


  • Start a Meeting – anyone using the Zoom app can easily start a new meeting by using PMI or a meeting ID. Further, you can share the link with as many as people you want to add to the Zoom call. This is the easiest way to start a Zoom meeting.
  • Join a meeting – users who are willing to join a Zoom meeting need to add their meeting ID as well as password given by the host. Click on the link first and later fill incomplete details. Further, the host will accept your request and will add you to the Zoom group call.


  • Upcoming Meetings – You can even schedule your upcoming meetings by visiting the ‘schedule’ section on the Zoom app. You can even add details like edit, start the topic, when, duration, etc. on your future scheduled meetings.


  • Personal Chat – the user can even enjoy the feature of personal chat space while using the Zoom app. Click on the ‘plus icon’ to initiate a one-on-one chat with any contact. Or click the ‘star icon’ to chat with the starred contacts or channels.

Prominent features of Zoom app


The app comes with some very interesting features to enhance your video-conferencing experience. Here are some of its prominent and exciting features that you must use.

You can turn the camera and mic on/off

The app gives you the liberty to turn on/off the mic and camera while doing the meetings. You can see the option right at the bottom of the screen. It will help you to listen to other participants and to minimize the noise at your end. You can also watch others while turning your camera off.

You can raise your hand to put across a point

The app also gives you a feature called ‘Raise a hand’ which lets the host know that you have a query or something to say. Then, he will see it and give you a chance to speak up. The option is visible in the taskbar right at the bottom of the screen.

You can also record a meeting

The app also gives you an option to record a meeting for future use. To start a recording, you just need to press a button, ‘start recording’ given in the taskbar. The meeting will be saved in the cloud or your device.

You can also share your screen

If you want to share your screen for an activity purpose then you can easily do that. You just need to click on the ‘Share screen’ option given in the taskbar to get started.

How can you join a meeting on Zoom?


It is a very simple task to join a Zoom meeting. Just click on the link to the meeting shared by the host to get connected automatically. It can be done in the same manner across all devices. You can also press any of the numbers mentioned in the Zoom meeting invitation sent by mail to get connected. Or, ask the host to share the meeting ID containing nine numbers to join the meeting.

How to end a Zoom meeting?


It is also a very easy task. It can be done in two ways. The first way is to click on ‘End meeting’ a red button that you can see on the task bar given below. It is meant for all the participants. However, if you are a host then you can simply press on the option, ‘End meeting for all’ which will end the meeting for all. Else, you can click on the ‘leave meeting’ to let others continue.


Zoom app has brought a lot of comfort for the professionals as well as common people who want to connect with their family living far away. Using this app on Android phones or tablets is very simple. Follow the above guide to get connected easily on your Android devices effortlessly.

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