Top 5 Spine-Chilling Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix

Spine-Chilling Horror Movies on Netflix

Are you waiting for a spine-chilling horror movie to release in the movie theater? Well, with the ongoing restrictions all across the world, it seems to be impossible to hit a theatre to enjoy watching your favorite horror movie. In fact, many people are waiting for October to indulge in a scary movie on Halloween Day. But, that’s the old way. If you can’t hold your horses then the OTT platform, Netflix, is meant for you. It has a great collection of scary movies to watch any day and anytime. One can easily binge-watching nerve-wracking horror movies on Netflix alone or with friends and beloved during weekends.

Having said that, here is a list of the top 5 spine-chilling horror movies to watch on Netflix. The list has something for everyone so you better beware as you are in for a scare.

1. Fear Street Part One:1994 –

This is the first season of the Fear Street trilogy. The movie is a complete blast from beginning till end. It somehow influences the Scream movie. The R-rated slasher happens in the town of Shadyville with killing sprees. The story also has queer romance and comic relief which makes the movie unique and less serious type. The cast of the movie involves Kiana Maderia, Olivia Scoot Welch, etc. It is directed by Leigh Janiak.

Fear Street Part One

2. Alive –

During the peak of COVID-19, Netflix debuted a zombie genre horror movie. This is a tech-era zombie survival thriller. The Korean movie wastes no time in getting scarier, centering the actor Yoo Ah-In who is locked in an apartment after the spread of the zombie plague. This zombie thriller keeps you involved with its zombie transformation scenes. The director of the movie is Cho II-Hyung.


3. The Ritual –

This is hands-down the creepiest horror movie you can find on Netflix. The twists and turns in the movie leave in a situation of guessing. The traumatic moments in the movie don’t make it an average horror movie. It involves a group of college friends on a getaway which further takes a horrific turn. Telling you further will put an end to its fun. The movie is directed by David Bruckner and has a start cast of Rafe Spell, Arsher Ali, Maria Erwolter, etc.

The Ritual

4. Apostle –

One might feel he is ready to watch Apostle but he is not. The movie is a brutal piece of British folk horror that involves crazy butchery. It tackles the subjects such as faith and fringe society. The movie is extremely surprising and shocking which is mixed with the legacy of The Wicker Man. While watching it you will groan and grimace over the torment. It is directed by Gareth Evans. The cast of the movie involves Dan Steven, Richard Elfyn, etc.


5. 1922 –

This movie will test your patience as it is called the epitome of a slow burn. Although the movie is simple and direct but will never bore you. It is like a King’s subtle nightmare which showcases the terrors of masculine pride. The movie portrays the main lead sinking into the spiritual punishment who takes a path of own damnation. 1922 is directed by Zak Hilditch. The stars of this movie are Thomas Jane, Molly Parker, Neal McDonough, etc.



All these spine-chilling horror movies on Netflix will keep you glued to your couch and will leave you biting your nails in anxiety and horror. The directors and star cast of these movies define their level of entertainment. So, don’t forget to add these horror movies to your Sunday binge-watch.

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