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In this Skyscanner complete guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the travel agency Skyscanner, reviews, video tutorial, best alternatives, its mission, tips to save money with it and more.

We will also cover its competitors and the tools offered (e.g., flights and hotels) just like this one right below (You can interact with it to see its functionalities).

In 1950, there were just 25 million tourist arrivals globally. In 2018, this number is estimated to be 1.4 billion international arrivals per year. That’s quite a lot!

It is among the preferred online booking sites with its 100 million+ users worldwide.

Let’s dive into some things you need to know about the company and its services.

IMPORTANT: Within this guide, you will find amazing money-saving strategies. So read UNTIL THE END!

Who is Skyscanner?

Skyscanner is a business centered on earning travel easier. To really help make booking experience and the preparation and fun from beginning to finish. To be certain to receive the best for the cash and from your journey.

The founders planned to develop a very simple alternative to the websites which makes travel feel simpler.

It’s an internet search engine that’s one of the leaders in travel.

At least a hundred million people throughout the world rely upon the site and app to assist them along with their own travel plans. The website is offered in more than 30 languages.

Specialized in making travel as straightforward as we can, they help you find the best options for flights, car rentals, and hotels to reserve for the trip.

In 2018, Skyscanner won the travel program award by Tripzilla travel magazine.


How does Skyscanner Work?

The company like any other online travel agency.

  • It price checks with 1,200 travel companies to get you the best prices.
  • Presents to you all the results for your search from all airlines. It shows low-cost flights first.
  • Offers multi-city flights, hotels, and/or a car rental.
  • Partnered with the world’s leading hotels to offer you good deals
  • Shares your feedback with its travel agents to improve service.
  • Offers the ‘Everywhere‘ search keyword used by more than 13 million travelers every month
  • Offers a ‘Greener choice’ label, which shows you the flights that emit less CO2
  • It offers quite a few features to improve your travel experience.

Comparable to Kayak, it’s likely to reserve through Skyscanner with certain OTAs they have partnerships with, but these fares just appear if they’re on the list of least expensive options.

In most cases, you will NOT book your trip through Skyscanner; Skyscanner will refer one to an OTA or even the airline which offers your flight and you’re going to reserve together with them.

After you click on a fare, Skyscanner takes you to the OTA or airline website to determine whether the prices continue to be offered.

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Skyscanner Flights, Hotels, and Car rentals

Yes, the company also offers all three services: flights, hotel booking and car rental services, which are available on the same search page but under different tabs.

Skyscanner Reviews (Unbiased)

From Skyscanner replied to most of the negative reviews here, so check it out.

  • “Sky Scanner has very excellent customer care service.
  • I recently had an issue with one of the ticketing company and they (gotogate) seemed not care about my issue.
  • I had to contact sky scanner about it and they resolved my issue within the day…..” —Tuvshinbat Batsuren, 5 stars
  • “I had an issue with my email alerts on my device and contacted Skycanner and they were absolutely fantastic. I cannot fault them in the slightest. The advisor was so helpful and the whole team. Cannot praise them enough.” —Anne, 5 stars
  • “Skyscanner used to be great but have you noticed how they quote cheap flights and then you find out luggage not included and try to add £400 each! Not going to use this site anymore as much cheaper to book direct with the airline… shame..”– Bob Hardin, 1 star.
  1. “Booked flights through skyscanner. Directed to Directline flights got good price for 6 adults on ryan air. Credit card bill came in. Was charged extra £100 for the privilege of Directline flights booking it. Never was told this would happen. RIPPED OFF !!! Be careful”– Michelle M., 1 star
  2. “Have found some great deals here. Make sure that you choose “whole month” when looking at prices as you’ll be able to see which dates are the cheapest in that particular month and you can save by moving your travel dates slightly.”– Janet C., 5 stars

At the end of the day, experiences vary by the person: some positive, others not so much. The choice is yours!

Skyscanner USA vs Skyscanner UK vs Other Countries or Skyscanner UK: Remember that is global, is USA, is UK only. There are probably other specific sites existing for other countries:

  • for Australia,
  • .ca
  • for Malaysia
  • for India
  • for Indonesia
  • for Mexico

I believe all those separate sites will still offer you the best prices around or among the best deals.

The apps are FREE! But you need to sign up in the event that you like price alarms as well as other bonus options.

Skyscanner Competitors

Among the travel agency’s competitors, you can find Kayak, Momondo, Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia, Hotwire, and recently Google Flights

What is Skyscanner Cancelation Policy?


The company does NOT have a cancellation policy. Why? Because it doesn’t take your booking or payment directly, but rather take you to the airline or travel agent that will complete your booking.

So they have no idea how things go once they transfer you.

Make sure you look at your cancellation policy with all the OTA or airlines you’ve booked with. Do so please! You might well not have the capacity to cancel or change your trip after you book, or if you don’t upgrade into a premium account or something.

Can I pick seats on Skyscanner?

No. Any seat selection will happen throughout the OTA or airlines. When you have already been moved to the reservation page of the OTA or airline you will see if you can pick seats.

Skyscanner Money Saving Tips

  • Be flexible on departure airport: don’t be specific and ask for any airport in your city: e.g.: “Paris (Any)”.
  • Be flexible on the destination airport or add nearby airports.
  • Use the monthly calendar widget to see what days of the month will be cheaper. They are usually in “green”.
  • Use the keyword “Everywhere” on the destination box if you are flexible on the places you want to visit: by putting everywhere on the destination box, Skyscanner will bring you a list of very cheap flights and possible destinations first.
  • Sign up for notifications using your email. This allows Skyscanner to send you price updates about cheap flights and different destinations. They will inform you whether flight prices have increased, decreased or stayed the same.
  • Instead of direct flights, explore alternate Routes: you might find that instead of San Francisco to London direct, it’s cheaper to book San Francisco to New York first, then New York to London. Use the keyword “everywhere” on destination to find out cheaper destinations from your place of origin first, then check from that destination to your final destination.
  • Search for One Way only.
  • Remember that some prices (especially with small airlines) don’t include a checked luggage
  • Often check directly on the airline’s website to see if it’s cheaper than Skyscanner.
  • Browse in Prive or Incognito mod, although the company claims not to store users’ data. We never know.
  • Use alternative tools like THE ONE BELOW to compare. I often found deals here that beat Skyscanner.
  • Use the Skyscanner hotels and car rental tabs to get facilitate hotels’ booking and car rental as well.
  • Overall do some extensive research.


Choose flexible dates on Skyscanner

You will see prices for the month if you are flexible with your dates.

There are two ways to achieve so: you’re able to see the full month perspective on your search results, or you are able to select the complete month before you hunt.

Its “Map” feature indicates the same results as searching “everywhere,” It shows prices available anytime within the preferred month. You’ll come across that the”Map” on the homepage.

Summary of Pros and Cons of Skyscanner



  • Flexible dates: Skyscanner which makes it simple to observe when you will find better, cheaper flight possibilities open to and from the destination. Their “lowest month” option consumers to look at the fares for your cheapest month out of their preferred departure with their destination.
  • Flexible destination and departure: it lets you look for flights in 1 country as opposed to a specific airport or city.
  • Hunting within your budget. In case you are unsure in your destination and you also only need to go anywhere, Skyscanner offers the “everywhere” option, which is also an incredible tool if you are flexible with your destination.
  • Hunting Last minute dates: very good at searching for budget-friendly last-minute flights.
  • Searching within smaller OTAs: it can find the best flight deals as it looks within smaller OTAs, a feature that other search engines fail to provide.
  • Price alerts for certain dates/routes. When you’ve put dates and also a destination, you also may set an alert by entering your email, and you’ll get email alerts of price changes on this route.
  • An easy-to-use app: The app is quick to work with which has a clear interface, and has millions of users.


Invalid prices: Like Google Flights, prices on Skyscanner, some times disappear; It means, you may get a fantastic price, but when you go to reserve with the airline, then it isn’t valid. This happens with many OTAs and is really annoying.

Their yearly calendar doesn’t live upgrade: Prices are based on different clients’ previous searches.

Often not the least expensive option: Although Skyscanner will often find much better deals compared to other websites, it isn’t an assurance, therefore make sure you compare results from precisely exactly the exact same hunt on Momondo.

A number of the smaller OTAs it works with are suspicious and have had many complaints.


Skyscanner is actually a really great tool with many features. The 100 million+ users say a lot about the company. However, just like every OTA, beware sure party ticket sellers. Some of them might not treat you well or offer you the deals you deserve.

As always, do your own research, cross-check, compare with other tools or websites. Safe travels!

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