PM Narendra Modi Visiting Central Vista Site Right After Returning From The US

pm modi vista site

PM Narendra Modi surprised everyone by paying a visit to the construction site of the Central Vista project unannounced on Sunday night around 8.45 pm. It has been less than 24 hours since he arrived back from the United States and spent around one hour at the new Parliament building site. His visit started trending on Twitter because he didn’t take a rest after coming back from the US.

During his visit, PM Modi carried out a first-hand inspection of the entire construction status at the Central Vista construction site. According to reports, this visit of PM Modi was unannounced along with no details about his security.

Last year in December, the Prime Minister of India laid the foundation stone of this Central Vista project which is the new Parliament building in Delhi. The event was attended by various renowned leaders from political parties, Cabinet ministers, as well as various countries ambassadors.

The new Parliament building is going to cover an area of around 64,500 square meters. This project will most likely be completed in the year 2022 by November month. According to the plans, the December 2022 sessions will be done under this new roof. It is said that Central Vista Avenue is also going to see some redevelopments during this entire project. The entire redevelopments are going to complete before G-20 Summit, where many world leaders are going to appear.

Also, the entire construction project of the new Parliament building has an estimated cost of around Rs.971crore. This involves everything, starting from construction, safety equipment, as well as other features.

The seating space of the new Lok Sabha will be for around 888 MPs and the Rajya Sabha seating space will be for 384 MPs. Also, additional seating will also be there for the leaders. The new Parliament building can accommodate around 1382 people in total. MPs can only sit in the Lok Sabha during the President’s address or while joint sessions are happening.

Om Birla, Lok Sabha speaker shared that in the year 1921, the foundation stone of the existing Parliament building was laid. Further, its construction got completed in the year 1927. Thus, the building is 100 years old. Also, the interior of the existing Parliament has seen many changes. Moreover, it is a very old demand that new Parliament should be constructed. Many states of India in the past few decades have built new Assembly houses. However, Parliament was still operating from the British-era building.

Om Birla further stated that since 60th Independence Day there were raising demands of new Parliament building by the MPs, ‘When Mira Kumar was Lok Sabha speaker, a discussion was held on the construction of new Parliament building. Due to such reasons and security concerns, it is highly essential to offer a convenient platform to the MPs.’

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was present at the inauguration of defense office complexes of the new Parliament project at Kasturba Gandhi Marg in Delhi. The inauguration of these defense office complexes was done on September 16, 2021. These complexes can easily accommodate more than 7000 defense personnel as well as office workers.

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